A Quick Guide To Window Condensation

Window Condensation
We all know the pain of wiping down windows filled with condensation in the Winter...

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We all know the pain of wiping down windows filled with condensation in the Winter, but this water vapour is actually present in the atmosphere at all times. From everyday activities from boiling the kettle, showering or even breathing water vapour is constantly around us. 

Condensation occurs when the water droplets land on cold, hard surfaces such as splash backs, tiles and windows. The warm air carrying the water vapour quickly turns into a liquid on these surfaces due to a change in temperature. Thankfully there are a few quick and easy tips to make sure that your home stays condensation free. 


The trapped air in your double glazed windows can cause condensation on both sides of your windows due to the change in temperature, especially during the colder months. Whether the trapped air is warmer from sunlight or colder due to the season, maintaining heat inside your home will reduce the amount of condensation on your windows. If this problem still occurs you may want to consider fitting radiators under the windows to maintain an average temperature. Or for a cheaper alternative use a plug in radiator in problem areas over the colder months. 


Natural ventilation will reduce the amount of warm air inside your home making it less likely to land on cold surfaces and cause condensation. The easiest (and cheapest!) way to do this is simply by opening a window or leaving it on vent to allow the air to escape. However, if you believe security to be an issue then installing a ventilator system in places such as the kitchen and bathroom will prevent excess condensation, or for use in other areas wall vents will allow air flow.


Alongside ventilation, circulation will allow water vapour to flow throughout your home and away from the origin point. Simply keeping doors open throughout your home after using the bathroom and kitchen will allow the hot air to circulate to different rooms, reducing condensation and providing heat to the rest of your home. 

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