Aluminium Windows

Aluminium windows are very durable with thin sightlines

Aluminium Windows

Aluminum windows are extremely durable and do not bend or twist, even in the hottest or coldest temperatures, which is why many homeowners prefer them.
Also, aluminum windows are one of the strongest materials available in the window market Aluminium windows are very durable. Even in very hot or cold temperatures it won’t warp or twist. This is because aluminium is one of the strongest materials available on the market.

We know that durability is a box we can tick for aluminium windows, but something else to bear in mind is that aluminium windows are recycled and environmentally friendly in this respect. However, they’re not the most energy efficient windows available, this is because aluminium conducts heat.

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There’s nothing sadder than a house in need of love, but it’s not hard to make a difference. New windows or doors can make your house look and feel fabulous. The Optima range combines advanced design and remarkable thermal performance.

Features & Benefits:

  • Low Maintenance: Requiring nothing more than a quick clean with soapy water every few months or so, aluminium windows will always look great.
  • Energy Saving: The thermal efficiency is fantastic. It manages to rank higher than timber and UPVC frames.
  • Eco-friendly: Aluminium is 100% sustainable, and if you ever decide you want to change them for something else, they’re 100% recyclable too!

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