Bi-folding Doors

Enhance your homes natural space with bi-folding doors, made with practicality and aesthetic in mind

Bi Folding Doors

Bi-folding are loved for their practicality and ability to open up your home to the outside.
Our doors are designed to seamlessly slide to one or both sides of the doorway meaning they maximise access to your garden or simply between rooms.

This folding coupled with the low threshold needed for the doors and the wide access aperture make them perfect solution for wheelchair users and the disabled where high threshold doorways can prove an obstacle.

These doors also have large panes of glass so they let lots of natural light into your home, which is becoming an increasingly integral part of interior design. Our bi-folding typically come with aluminium frames so they’re extremely secure too, and very light! So you won’t need to laboriously push your bi-folding doors to the side. That can be done quite easily by pushing with your fingers.

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There’s nothing sadder than a house in need of love, but it’s not hard to make a difference. New windows or doors can make your house look and feel fabulous. The Optima range combines advanced design and remarkable thermal performance.

Features & Benefits:

  • Maintenance – Bi-fold doors require little to no maintenance. Their large panes of glass and small frames mean they don’t need lots of attention. Just a quick wipe with soapy water for the frame and glass cleaner for the window will keep your door looking great.
  • Flexibility – Unlike sliding doors, Bi fold doors are very flexible and can be used on the corner of a house. You can change where the doors split too! You don’t need a big house for bi fold doors.
  • Openness – Bi fold doors collapse back on themselves, this allows you to achieve an open and seamless flow between your home and garden.

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