Glass Roof Conservatories

A usable space all year round

Glass Roof Conservatories

Conservatories are often seen as a room to be used during summer but it seems a shame to only enjoy such a big investment a few months of the year.
Contrary to what you may think, glass is able to retain heat which will help to keep the conservatory warm through the winter, helping to make it a usable space all year round.

The conservatory should be the brightest room in the home, somewhere you can feel outdoors without actually having to step outside. A glass roof allows you to maximise the amount of natural light making it into the conservatory.

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So glass conservatories, when done correctly, when done by A&D Joinery are fantastic light-filled rooms that you can use all-year round for whatever it is you’d like to use it for!

Features & Benefits:

  • Light – Glass roof conservatories let a lot of light in, which fills the space. This makes it a nice relaxing place in your home.
  • Energy Efficient – Contrary to popular belief, glass conservatories are great at keeping the heat in during winter and cool in the summer.
  • Water-tight – This may seem an obvious thing to list, but glass roof conservatories have a bad name. Construction methods and materials used have improved greatly. You needn’t worry about leaks in your conservatory with a glass roof.

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