A conservatory typically increases the value of a home by 5%

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A conservatory typically increases the value of a home by 5%

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A&D Joinery takes a lot of pride in the conservatories that we build. You can see from our pictures why we’re proud, but have you ever looked into having one? Conservatories are loved by many homeowners, but in many cases, the conservatory was already there.

People are spending more money on improving their homes than usual. £55bn has been spent on renovations since March according to The 2020 Renovation Nation Report.

In this regard, we think that the conservatory is often overlooked. A lot of conservatories that people are used to, the ones that are already in homes are old and nowhere near the quality that they should be. But that’s nothing against the people that installed them, the innovation with conservatories comes from skill and also with better materials and improved insulation.

Conservatories are no longer the room that’s boiling hot in the summer and freezing in the winter, with a sporadic leak during rainy seasons (which in England is all year round, let’s be honest). Allow us to explain why conservatories deserve to be on the list of things that you consider when thinking about home improvement.

Firstly, and perhaps even most obviously the conservatory should act as a sort of bridge or connection between your home and garden.  Your conservatory is unlike your home in the sense that the vast majority of it will be made from glass. This means so much natural light can fill the space and allow you to enjoy practically uninterrupted views of your garden. That sounds nice, doesn’t it?

When people look at making their home larger, the first thought generally is to get a house extension. This makes perfect sense initially, but there may be a better way to achieve what you want. A house extension can typically cost upwards £20,000, whereas conservatories can be more affordable.

Now don’t think that a conservatory will have little to no effect on your house price. A conservatory typically increases the value of a home by 5%. The average house price in the UK is just over £234,000 as of December 2019, which means that 5% would suggest a potential increase of £11,700. That represents a significant return on investment, given how relatively inexpensive a conservatory is compared to a house extension. 

As conservatories are essentially a sheltered empty space, they’re incredibly versatile. Whether you want the space to be used as a kids playroom (to keep toys in the same place!) Or if you want a nice quiet place to read/relax, then a conservatory could well be the choice for you.

As we’ve explained, there’s certainly a lot of perks to getting a conservatory. So, you needn’t wait to move into a home with a conservatory to enjoy one. Speak to A&D Joinery today about what we can do for you!

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