Is uPVC Environmentally Friendly?

Installed uPVC Windows
PVC has had a makeover, meaning you can keep warm and be environmentally friendly!

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Unplasticised Polyvinyl Chloride, known as UPVC or PVC-U, is a much greener product than you might have thought initially! Long gone are the days of chunky plastic and non-recyclable plastic frames. PVC has had a makeover, meaning you can keep warm and be environmentally friendly!

Did you know that the main ingredient in PVC-U is salt? Meaning that PVC-U can be recycled over and over again, maintaining its function and lifespan. Its properties mean that there is virtually no maintenance and doesn’t contain harmful chemicals or paints to keep its pristine appearance. 

Alongside the properties of UPVC itself, the material has remarkable insulating properties. The insulation means that it has the ultimate efficiency rating over A++, that’s the highest rating possible! This performance means that you pay less for your central heating bills as your joinery traps the hot air in and keeps the cool air out. The thermal performance gained by your Optima windows and doors not only saves you money on your heating but also means you’re more environmentally friendly in the long run!

While UPVC is recyclable, you can keep your promise of being more environmentally friendly to remember to recycle this material after its use (which will be in a very long time!). Currently, only a minimal amount of UPVC is recycled, so make sure that when the time comes, you choose a remover that can recycle the frames. 

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