You must pick the right window for your home

Installed uPVC Windows
One such consideration is heat loss. Do you know how much heat you may be losing?

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Windows have an excellent ability to be able to turn a cold, bland room into one that’s welcoming and warm. Windows allow the light in from the outside to come in and brighten up your home. You must pick the right window for your home to get this right, and with all of the options available, it can be a little tricky to choose. Allow us at A&D Joinery to help you.

Before style, we think it’s essential to look at practicality. One such consideration is heat loss. Do you know how much heat you may be losing? Window manufacturers can test the efficiency of their windows using a standardised banding system that’s used to demonstrate their thermal performance.

Developed by The British Fenestration Rating Council, it offers homeowners a simple method of comparing windows and doors. This comparison is useful as windows and doors can be built and glazed in various ways. It covers thermal insulation, solar gain and air leakage. Initially, the scale ran from A to G, but standards have improved, and now the best performing windows and doors are rated A++. Our windows reach the top rating so your home will need very little heating or air conditioning. Because of this, you’ll have smaller running costs, and who doesn’t want to pay less for the energy bills?

Humans are no different than green plants. Natural light is an energy source for our body, mind and connectivity to the outdoors. It is a primary source for healthy living. Regardless of how your window looks, ensure your home has a source of natural light in every room, where possible.

Often, people know they want to bring in a lot of natural light into a room but don’t know the best ways of going about it, or which style of windows they need to choose. Natural light not only makes a room look warmer but it’s crucially important for your health (see our other blog for the benefits of natural light). A&D Joinery knows how to get the most from your home. We know we’ll have what you want, whether you’re looking at changing your windows, doors, or both!  We just know that we’ll have what you’re looking for.

When it comes to picking a design for windows – there isn’t one’ right answer’. We have a great selection of materials, frames and colours for you to choose. We understand all of the options may be slightly overwhelming, but we’re here to help you decide!

A&D windows are designed to embrace the daylight, letting your home capture as much natural light as possible whilst keeping noise and drafts to an absolute minimum. Our windows and doors are made from uPVC, softwood, hardwood or aluminium. All our windows are sourced from the best quality materials and go through a rigorous manufacturing process and quality checks to produce exceptional products every time.

For the perfect window in your home, please visit our site or download our brochure for more!

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