Rock Door Composite Doors

Keep the weather and the noise outside

Rockdoor Composite Doors

That alone could be enough for customers to choose this door, but the reasons for choosing Rockdoor don’t end there. You can choose the design of your rockdoor, and by choose we mean design the door yourself!

It doesn’t get more personal than that. Design and security are one thing, but a door needs to be able to keep heat in, not just be secure to keep things out. Fortunately, the Rockdoor achieves an A++ thermal rating. So it’s environmentally-friendly and will keep the cost of your bills down too.

What’s not to like?

We manufacture our composite doors right here at our factory in Bolton.

Our craftsmanship over the decades has kept our customers happy and meant that more customers come through our showroom door and website every day.

A common reason for the composite door’s popularity is that it has the aesthetic of it’s more luxurious (and more expensive) timber counterpart. But unlike the timber door, it doesn’t require the same amount of attention for maintenance. In fact, the composite door is maintenance free!

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Your front door is the first and last thing your visitors will see. It’s a gateway into your beloved home; where you share some of your most cherished memories and prized possessions – it’s only right that your home exterior reflects what is inside.

Features & Benefits:

  • Security – This door is in a league of its own when it comes to security. Emergency Services needed special training on how to breach this door should they need to. And even if with training from the company, it’s not easy!

  • Thermal Efficiency – The glazing and door is designed in such a way that the air cannot get through it, no draughts means warm house! There are plenty of other technical reasons too, they’re in the brochure if you’re interested.

  • Guarantee – 10 years on discolouration, warping and glazing failure, 5 years on installation, locking mechanisms and key barrels and 2 years on handles, letterboxes and numerals.

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