uPVC Windows

uPVC Windows are incredibly popular! They’re not the bulky, clumsy looking windows they once were.

uPVC Windows

Our uPVC Windows are designed with quality and performance in mind

At A&D Joinery we design your windows to compliment the original architecture of your home to create a beautiful finish. From the traditional casement window to a double arch, we help find the design and product that is right for your home.

uPVC Windows are not only durable and secure but require low maintenance and won’t rot or require repainting. The only maintenance needed is a clean regularly to keep them functioning optimally.

The uPVC frame is extremely durable and won’t rot, warp or need painting! Just be sure to wipe them down every now and then to keep them clean.

Our windows are fitted with energy efficient coated LowE glass as standard, reflects the heat to keep the warmth in your home, the fuel bills down and reduces the impact on the environment uPVC Windows are often double-glazed. Their popularity comes as no surprise when you think about their low maintenance and low costs. They’re incredibly green too! Helping to reduce your energy bills and carbon footprint.

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There’s nothing sadder than a house in need of love, but it’s not hard to make a difference. New windows or doors can make your house look and feel fabulous. The Optima range combines advanced design and remarkable thermal performance.

Features & Benefits:

  • Security: Our UPVC windows are double-glazed, so they’re extremely strong. They’ll withstand stone / rock being thrown at them. In fact, a lot of force would be needed to break through your window, but the noise this causes would attract attention, and is unlikely to be used as an entry point to your home.
  • Energy Saving: Double-glazing with A-Rated glass typically costs a bit more than lower rated glass, though you will get that money back through savings made on energy bills. This glass is incredibly energy efficient.
  • Safety: Easy clean fire escape hinges fitted as standard in bedrooms for easy external cleaning and providing an easy escape route if necessary.
  • Safety: Our Windows are fitted with fire safety hinges that lock at 90° when open. Also, UPVC windows don’t degrade in the same way timber frames do. In fact, UPVC Frames are the most durable available!
  • Guarantee: 10 years on discolouration, 5 years on installation, 12 months on hardware

Single and Dual Colour

We offer a range of colour options with our windows to compliment your style and home. Colour can add depth to the exterior of your home for a modern finish, we even offer a range of foiled profiles including: Chartwell Green, Rosewood and Golden Oak for the extra shine.

Our dual colour casements feature a different colour on the exterior and interior of your home to match your designs, allowing for a traditional finish on the outside of your home and a contemporary look on the inside.

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