When To Replace Soffits and Fascias

Roof side protection
Fascias are the vertical panels that join to the edge of your roof tiles to protect your home.

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Maintaining your joinery is key to extending it’s lifespan and keeping it looking fresh and new. However, one area we often overlook when looking to clean or replace is the structuring around roofs. Soffits and fascias are essential in protecting your home from debris, water damage and even pests such as wasps and mice, but they also play a large aesthetic role in your home. Damage can be caused by weather conditions such as heavy wind or rain, or may be due to the natural deterioration of the materials used. 

Fascias are the vertical panels that join to the edge of your roof tiles to protect your home and provide a more polished look to the exterior, they can also be used under gutters. Soffits are the horizontal panels found under the fascias that keep out any debris and prevent water damage.

Water Damage 

If you are finding areas of suspected water damage it is always worth calling in a specialist to assess the problem. If left unnoticed water damage can lead to rot, especially on wooden timbers, this can drip down your walls causing internal mold to appear. To avoid this damage and unnecessary costly repairs, check your soffits and fascias regularly for any gaps or other potential issues that may have been caused.


Soffits and Fascias are designed to keep everything out of your home, so if you notice a pest problem in your attic or around your home it may be a sign that there is damage externally. Small pests such as wasps or flies can squeeze through the tiniest of gaps but over time this may lead to water damage in the future so make sure you report any pest problems to avoid further more extensive problems. 


One of the easiest ways to spot potential damage is through cracks and flaking paint. Whilst this may prove to be more of an aesthetic issue, damaged paint work and cracks can lead to leaking, leaving it prone to a whole host of other issues. 

A & D Joinery offer a range of additional services so your fascias and soffits can be replaced or maintained. With over 30 years in the business, you’re sure to be in good hands.

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