Window and Conservatory Maintenance

Cleaner, cleaning a window
Some simple maintenance tips to make sure your windows last a lifetime.

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Our A & D Windows are made to last, each CE approved. However, there are some simple maintenance tips to make sure your windows last a lifetime.


Yes we know it sounds obvious but cleaning your glass can help maintain shine and improve the life of your windows. As the glass used in double glazed windows is prone to scratching we recommend removing all jewellery beforehand to prevent any damage whilst cleaning. A soft microfibre cloth for polishing surfaces with a glass friendly cleaner will work perfectly and make your windows sparkle, if you have a build up of grime on your windows we recommend using a simple soap and water solution before polishing.

Scratched Glass 

If your glass is already scratched most shallow scratches can be removed with jewelers rouge to give a high shine or a similar substance. It is important to note that bubbles, embedded particles and fine scratches are all deemed acceptable in high quality windows due to the nature of double glazing and will not cause any further issues other than small cosmetic imperfections.

Frame Cleaning 

No matter your window frames we recommend washing your frames with a simple soapy water solution to remove any excess dirt and grime, both inside and outside your home. This is not required to be a regular clean but we recommend washing every season due to dirt building up due to weather changes or more regularly if you live near the coast and experience salt water build up. Avoid solvent based cleaners, especially if you have PVC frames and it can break down the chemicals in your window frames leaving them exposed to the elements and can reduce their lifespan. This method can also be used to clean the exterior of your doors.

Roof Cleaning for Conservatories, Orangeries or Porches 

Alongside your regular windows, you can also maintain your conservatory and orangery windows at home in a similar manner. If you are able to, the outside of your windows can be washed with a warm soapy water mixture and a soft cloth to remove any excess dirt, this also applies to the framing of your windows too. Please take care when cleaning the outside of your conservatory and do not walk on the roof. For the insides of your windows, a soft microfibre cloth and window friendly cleaning solution will give you a high shine finish.

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